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If you were born with red hair, you may have already realized that some colors of clothes look better on you than others. Bright colors and pink you probably don’t wear much, while green might be your favorite clothing color.

Clothing color advice for people with red hair

Red is a beautiful hair color that you can make look even better by wearing the right colors. What is your favorite clothing choice to make your red hair shine?

Do’s and don’ts

When someone with red hair is looking for clothes, it is wise to avoid colors that contrast too much with the hair color. This means that bright yellow and bright green shades are best avoided. This is because these colors create too much contrast and distract from the hair, which is not always beautiful. Instead, it is better to choose colors that go well with red hair, such as blue, green and brown. These colors are exactly what you should or should not wear when you are red-haired:

Dark blue.

Dark blue looks beautiful on all redheads. Try different fabrics and materials, and combine them to create a total blue look. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Red hair “pops” out when you wear black. Black is often too harsh a color for blondes, but it will make your red hair look extra beautiful. If you have very light skin and still find your face too pale next to that black, wear a jacket or scarf in a different color, but keep that black dress, pants and sweater on!


You probably already have some green in your closet. If this is not the case, you should shop very soon now, because green will become your favorite color. Did you know that for every shade of red hair there is an ultimate shade of green? Green is enormously versatile and really suits every redhead.

Colors define your look! For every shade of red hair, there is an ultimate shade of green


There are many different types of brown. Especially the shades of brown without red in them look good on you. Brown is a neutral color and can always go with any occasion.


You may not believe this yet because you never wanted to wear red, but red really suits you. The trick is to find the right shade. Try different shades of red and start with burgundy, for example.

And pink?

Pink is usually a difficult color for redheads. Yet again, there are exceptions, and that applies to any color. Then again, these exceptions can be just the gems for the eye. Light pink, for example, can still go very well with a true redhead in whom the color is not too coppery.

Tailored advice

What is your color palette now? Red hair exists in many shades and in combination with different skin types. You are therefore particularly unique as a redhead. Would you like tailor-made advice? There are color consultants who will help you determine your color type and therefore choose the ultimate colors to make you shine. Want to know how special red hair is? Then read the article on red hair.

The right colors for your color and your figure (AXHO)

The right colors of clothes for both hair color and figure are:

  1. Hair color:
    • For blond hair: pastel colors, soft pink, light gray and pale blue.
    • For brown hair: dark blues, earth tones, deep reds and dark greens.
    • For red hair: blue, green, brown and earth tones.
    • For black hair: bright colors such as red, yellow and orange.
  2. Figure:
    • For an A-figure: accentuate your waist with belt and main lines.
    • For an X figure: accentuate the top of the body and visually narrow the lower body.
    • For an H figure: create balance with accents on upper and lower body.
    • For an O figure: accentuate the waist and avoid too much volume on the abdomen.


AXHO figure

Keep in mind that these guidelines are only suggestions. Ultimately, personal preference and style also play a role in choosing clothes. The important thing is that you choose clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident.

How to choose the right clothes for every occasion

If someone with red hair is looking for the right clothes for any occasion, there are a few things to consider. First, it is important to consider colors that go well with red hair. Blue, green and brown tones are a good choice. When choosing fabrics, it is wise to consider skin tone, and consider materials such as silk, cotton and linen that match the skin.

Avoid colors that contrast too much with your hair color, such as bright yellow and bright green shades. When choosing clothing for a particular occasion, it is also important to consider whether it is formal or informal. This is where the clothing should match. Accessories, such as jewelry and shoes, can complete the look.

In the end, the most important advice is to trust your intuition and choose what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. After all, it’s all about how you feel in the clothing, not just how it looks. When someone feels confident and comfortable, they radiate that regardless of the color or style of clothing.

Colors and trends: how to follow the latest fashion trends without changing your own style?

If you are looking for ways to follow the latest fashion trends without modifying your own style, it is important to know what suits you. The most important thing is to choose colors that match your skin tone and personality. This is because it makes you feel comfortable and confident.

A good way to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe is to add items that reflect these trends, but make sure they match your own style. This could include a new garment in a trending color or a specific item with an eye-catching detail.

Accessories and jewelry can also be a great way to incorporate the latest trends into your look without changing your style. For example, by wearing an eye-catching necklace or bracelet, you can incorporate a new trend into your look.

It is also important to remember that mixing and matching different styles and trends is also a great way to follow the latest fashion trends without altering your style. For example, try combining a trending color with classic pieces for a modern, unique look.

Finally, trust your intuition and choose items that make you feel comfortable and confident. If you feel good in what you wear, you will always come across as stylish and trendy, regardless of the latest fashion trends.

Clothing store near you

Want to try different colors right away in practice? Then see right away where clothing stores are near you!


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