Windows shortcut key combinations

Shortcut keys for a Windows keyboard

Make your work a lot faster and memorize all the keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Try to make the keyboard shortcuts your own quickly by not using your mouse or using it minimally. In the beginning it is difficult but eventually you will have much less muscle strain in your arm. You will prevent mouse arm. Do you have a Mac keyboard? Then go to Mac keyboard shortcuts and memorize them.

Windows key Open start menu
Windows key + E Open Windows Explorer
Windows key + F Open search function
Windows key + M Minimize all open windows
Windows key + R Open Execute
Windows key + F1 Open the Windows help function
Windows key + Ctrl + F Open Computer Search
Windows key + Tab Select next button in taskbar
Windows key + Shift + Tab Select previous button in taskbar
Windows key + D Minimize all windows (Go to desktop)
Windows key + M Minimize all windows
Windows key + Pause Open System Properties
Windows key + L Lock the computer
Windows key + Tab Go to the next open app
Windows key + Ctrl + Tab Go to the previous open app
Windows key + P Select how you want to expand or display the screen
Windows-key + X Open the shortcut menu in the lower left corner of the screen
Windows key + I Open the Settings app
Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + T Restore the last closed tab in a web browser
Windows key + PgUp Move the desktop to another monitor
Windows key + PgDn Move the desktop to another monitor

F1 Help function active window
F2 Change item name
F3 Search from current folder
F4 Select address bar
F5 Refresh your screen
F6 Go to next tab
F10 Activate menu bar in window

Alt Activate menu bar in window
Alt + Enter / double click Show folder properties
Alt + Esc Move through items in the order they were opened
Alt + Tab Switch between opened items
Alt + Shift + Esc Switch to next active window
Alt + Spacebar Display system menu of active window
Alt + Spacebar + N Minimize the active window
Alt + F4 Close active window
Alt + Left Arrow Go to previous view
Alt + Right Arrow Go to next view
Alt + Underline letter in menu Run corresponding command in menu
Alt + Print Scrn Move the active window to the Clipboard

Print Scrn Move the active window to the clipboard
Windows key + Print Scrn Save the screen to the clipboard
Backspace to parent folder
Delete Move item to recycle garbage can
Tab Go to next option
Esc Cancel current task

Ctrl + A Select all items
Ctrl + C copy selection
Ctrl + X cut selection
Ctrl + V paste selection
Ctrl + Z undo selection
Ctrl + F Search from current folder
Ctrl + G Go to function open active program
Ctrl + N Open new folder
Ctrl + O Open folder
Ctrl + P Print folder
Ctrl + S Save folder
Ctrl + W Close page
Ctrl + drag file Copy file
Ctrl + Shift + drag file Create shortcut
Ctrl + Tab Move to next tab
Ctrl + F4 Close active program
Ctrl + F5 Refresh screen hard
Ctrl + Esc Open start menu

Shift + Delete Delete item directly
Shift + F10 Show shortcut menu item (right mouse button)
Shift + Close CD / DVD tray Do not apply automatic playback

Please note: some keyboard shortcuts may vary depending on the specific version of Windows you are using.


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