Which sport suits me?

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Which sport suits me?


Everyone wants to exercise more. For different reasons. Some want to get fit while others want to maintain fitness. Yet another wants to lose weight.

To persevere, you have to do something you like. Or switch sports every now and then. That, of course, can also help. What is important is that you make it a kind of hobby. This will help you make time for it faster and even make it fun!

There are all these sports

But then if you have to choose a sport, most don’t get beyond running, soccer and fitness. But of course there are many more sports! Sports can be classified according to a method of movement and practice.


Athletics is very old and is associated with ancient Greece. Already thousands of years ago sporting feats of strength were held between different athletes. Athletics can be practiced both individually and in groups. Some examples of athletics are high jump, long jump, hurdles and shot put. Other sports can be found in the category on athletics.

Ball sports

Ball sports can be divided into goal games, rocket sports, baseball and other ball sports. Target games include the well-known sports of soccer, basketball and handball as well as lesser-known ball sports such as wheelchair basketball, floorball and hurling. Racquet sports include badminton, tennis and padel. Baseball sports are those where you hit a ball such as kastie, batting ball and cricket. Then there are other ball sports such as bowling, skittles and ditch shooting.On our sports page we have an overview of all ball sports.

Sports for your child

It is super important for your child to exercise a lot. Exercise improves children’s coordination and motor skills. By moving, a child becomes more dexterous, faster, fitter and gets a better stamina.

It is not always easy to find a sport your child likes. Not every child is a soccer kid. It is good to find out what sports there are and to introduce a child to various sports.


Not every child is a soccer child

Sports near me

What sports are available in your area? On our sports page you will get an insight into all the different types of sports available. Pick a sport you like and see if it is available in your area.

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