Supermarket deals – how do I deal with them?

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Supermarket offers want to lure you to the supermarket in order to buy even more groceries that are not on sale. If you want to save money, it can pay big dividends to pay attention to supermarket offers and cycle through these deals. Every supermarket has its own weekly offers in which products are cheaper than usual.

However, there are some pitfalls to be aware of. When you use your mind and not your feelings (because this is what supermarkets play on) you make the best use of the offers.

Supermarket deals tips

  1. Look critically at the nature of the supermarket offer.
    A 1+1 free offer is a much better offer than second product at half price. With the first offer you save as much as 50%, while with the second kind of offer it is only 25%. And in an offer like 2 products for 2 euros, look at the original price as well. Is the difference in euros or just a few cents?
  2. Do not build up unnecessary stocks.
    Calvé Peanut Butter is on sale about once every three months by supermarket. If you always use this product, it pays to buy as much peanut butter on sale as you use in three months. Trust that another offer will come up. Stocks also cost money and can go past the expiration date.
  3. Don’t blindly buy A brands on sale.
    If you are satisfied with a cheap private label, it does not always make sense to buy an A-brand offer. This one may be even more expensive on sale than your regular home brand normally costs.
  4. Look also in the supermarket around the corner.
    Do you have several supermarkets in your neighborhood? Check out the deals of these supermarket chains as well. Maybe it will give you some ideas.
  5. Check the website for all the deals.
    Did you know that the national door-to-door magazines do not list all the offers? You can find them all on the Internet!

Supermarket near you

Would you also like to discover the latest offers at the supermarket near you? Find on the map below where the nearest supermarket in your area is located.


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