Mac keyboard shortcuts

With mac keyboard shortcuts, you can work a lot faster. You don’t need a mouse every time anymore but copy and paste with Command-C and Command-V. Super convenient, and a lot faster. With mac shortcuts, you’re also a lot less likely to suffer from mouse arm. If you have a Windows computer, take a quick look at all the Windows shortcuts.

Shortcut key combinations for an Apple mac keyboard

Cmd-alt-P-R during boot For unexplained problems
Key C during boot Booting from a CD with a System folder
Key N during boot Booting from a Netboot Server
Key R at boot Reset the PowerBook screen
Key T during boot Booting into FireWire Target Disk mode
Key Shift during boot Boot into Safe Boot mode and temporarily disable the login items and other esential kernel extension files
Key Cmd-V during boot Boot in Verbose mode.
Key Cmd-S during boot Booting in Single-User mode

Alt-Cmd-D Show/Hide Dock
Cmd-Tab Switch between programs
tab Jump to the next item
Alt-Sleep Copy
Alt-Cmd-Sleep Create an alias
Cmd-T Show Font palette in program
Cmd-Shift-3 Take a picture of the screen
Cmd-Shift-4 Take a picture of a selection
Cmd-Shift-4, then the Ctrl key while selecting Take a picture of a selection and place it on your clipboard
Cmd-Shift-4, then the spacebar Take a picture of a window
Alt-Cmd-esc forced stop
Ctrl-Eject Restart, Snooze, Turn off
Ctrl-Cmd-Eject Stop all programs and restart without confirmation.
Alt-Cmd-Eject Snooze
Cmd-click window toolbar button (top right) Browse the available views for the window toolbar

Shift-Cmd-Q Logout
Shift-Alt-Cmd-Q Log out directly

Shift-Cmd-Delete Empty recycle bin
Alt-Shift-Cmd-Delete Empty recycle bin immediately
Cmd-H Hide Finder
Alt-Cmd-H Hide other

Cmd-W Close window
Alt-Cmd-W Close all windows
Cmd-N New Finder window
Shift-Cmd-N New folder
Cmd-O Open
Cmd-S Save
Shift-Cmd-S Save As
Cmd-P Print
Cmd-I Show Info
Alt-Cmd-I Show Info extra
Cmd-D Duplicate
Cmd-L Create Alias
Cmd-R Show original of Alias
Cmd-T Add to favorites
Cmd-Delete Move to trash
Cmd-E Eject
Cmd-F Search

Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Y Run again
Cmd-X Cut
Cmd-C Copy
Cmd-V Paste
Cmd-A Select all
Cmd-1 Display symbols
Cmd-2 Display list
Cmd-3 Display columns
Alt-Cmd-B Hide toolbar
Cmd-J Show display options
Cmd – [ Back
Cmd – ] Forward

The Cmd or Command key refers to the key that used to have an Apple character on it. The Alt key is the Option key on your keyboard.


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