Kale stew recipe

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Boerenkool stamppot basic recipe

Below is the basic recipe for one of the most traditional Dutch stews: kale stamppot. Variations are left to your own imagination. We have listed the basic and classic proportions for you. Enjoy your meal!

Ingredients: 800 grams of crumbly potatoes, 400-600 grams of finely chopped kale (just the leaves and without the hub), 1 knob of butter, splash of milk, pepper, salt, mustard, smoked sausage.


Kale stew

Preparing kale stew:

  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into equal pieces.
  2. Bring a pan with plenty of water to the boil. Carefully place the potatoes in the boiling water and place the chopped kale on top. Put the lid on and simmer gently for 20 minutes.
  3. If you choose a pre-packaged smoked sausage, you can also put it on top in its inner packaging so that it can warm along with it. If you choose a fresh sausage, follow its cooking advice.
  4. Drain after 20 minutes. Set the smoked sausage aside for a moment. Save some of the cooking liquid to make the stew a little smoother or to stir in a packet of gravy powder, for example.
  5. Mash the potatoes and kale together with the lump of butter and a dash of milk. In between, stir with a wooden spoon to distribute the potatoes well.
  6. Add pepper, salt and some cooking liquid to taste. This makes for a tasty pan of classic kale stew.
“Serve the kale stew with the smoked sausage and some mustard. Also try pearl onions or fried bacon with the kale stew.”

Ratio of frozen kale to potatoes

The ratio of frozen kale to potatoes in a stew usually varies depending on personal preference. A general guideline is to use about two parts potatoes for each part kale. This means that if you are using, say, 1 kilo of potatoes, you should use about 0.5 kilo of frozen kale. You can always use more or less kale depending on your taste.

Mash kale differently

There are several ways to make kale stew. For example, mixing kale with other vegetables such as carrots or onions, or serving the dish with a meat such as smoked sausage or minced meat. Some people also add cheese or crème fraîche to the stew for extra flavor. There are many variations on the traditional version.

What is kale?

Kale is a vegetable belonging to the cabbage family. It is a green leafy vegetable with round to lanceolate leaves often used in traditional Dutch dishes such as kale stamppot. This vegetable is often eaten as a source of vitamin C, K, folic acid and other nutrients. Kale can be eaten raw or cooked and is often used in salads, soups and stews.
Contents kale

Where do you buy the ingredients for kale stew?

Well just at the supermarket or greengrocer’s. You buy a good smoked sausage and bacon at the supermarket or butcher.

Vegetable farmer nearby

Find a greengrocer near you on the map below and make delicious kale stew.


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