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When you have something to celebrate, it is wonderful to eat out. Also, on weekends you can take some time out and unwind with your favorite dish in a cozy and atmospheric location. Which cuisine do you like the most? We have an overview of a lot of restaurants with different tastes and cuisines. Choose a restaurant near you or where you are staying.

What different types of restaurants are there?

Restaurants and different cuisines abound. Your choice to choose a particular restaurants often depends on your taste, the experience you want to have the location you are in. Not all restaurants are in all locations.

Choose something other than Italian or Greek such as a Surinamese or Ethiopian restaurant

People search on these restaurants a lot:

  • Italian restaurants – Italian food, such as pasta, pizza and risotto.
  • Ikea restaurants can be found in some Ikea furniture stores and serve a variety of Swedish and international dishes.
  • Indian restaurants these serve Indian dishes, which often include curries, tandoori chicken and biryani.
  • Chinese restaurants – Chinese dishes, including stir-fries, dumplings and noodles.
  • Thai restaurants serve Thai food, often including curries, pad thai and tom yum soup.
  • Japanese restaurants: serve Japanese food, sometimes including sushi, ramen and tempura.
  • Korean restaurants serve Korean dishes, including bibimbap, bulgogi and kimchi.
  • “De Beren” is a chain of Dutch restaurants serving a variety of international dishes.
  • Mexican restaurants serve Mexican dishes, sometimes including tacos, burritos and enchiladas.
  • Greek restaurants serve Greek dishes, including gyros, spanakopita and moussaka.
  • Tapas restaurants serve small plates of Spanish food, including a variety of cold and hot dishes.
  • Vegan restaurants serve plant-based dishes that contain no animal products.
  • Vietnamese restaurants serve Vietnamese food, which sometimes includes pho, spring rolls and banh mi sandwiches.
  • Halal restaurants serve food prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.
  • Sushi restaurants serve sushi, a type of Japanese dish consisting of seasoned rice with raw fish or other ingredients.
  • McDonald’s restaurants are fast food restaurants that serve burgers, fries and other fast food dishes.
  • Indonesian restaurants: Indonesian dishes, which sometimes include satay, nasi goreng and rendang.
  • Pancake restaurants, or pancake houses, serve pancakes and other breakfast dishes.

Divided by percentage that people search for:

Restaurants by category


Other restaurant search options:

In addition to different cuisines, there are other points people find important about restaurants. People then search for:

  • Loving restaurants: these are restaurants in popular neighborhoods or districts, or ask for recommendations at local tourist information points.
  • Romantic restaurants: restaurants with an intimate atmosphere, such as candlelight or a beautiful view. Some restaurants also have specially created romantic menus.
  • Best restaurants: Consult local guidebooks or online review websites for recommendations of the best restaurants in town. Some restaurants have also won awards or been reviewed by professional critics.
  • Restaurants open: restaurants that are open 24 hours a day, or use an online search tool to look for restaurants that are currently open.
  • Good restaurants: restaurants with special offers or price-friendly menus, or try restaurants in less touristy areas.
  • Cosy restaurants: restaurants with a homey atmosphere, such as a fireplace or cozy seating area. Also ask for recommendations from locals or friends who know the city well.

Lesser-known restaurants but definitely worth trying!

    • Ramen restaurant: Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish usually served in a bowl with broth, meat, vegetables and noodles. Ramen restaurants focus specifically on serving this dish and may have different types of ramen on their menu, such as pork, chicken or fish broth. Find near you: Ramen restaurant
    • Libanese restaurant: Lebanese food is known for its Mediterranean flavors and use of different herbs and spices. Lebanese restaurants often serve meze, which are small dishes that are shared and often eaten as appetizers. Examples of popular Lebanese dishes include hummus, falafel and shawarma. Find near you: Libanese restaurant
    • Ashoka restaurant: Ashoka is an Indian restaurant chain with locations in several countries. They serve traditional Indian dishes such as curries, naan bread and tandoori dishes. Find near you: Ashoka restaurant
    • Syrian restaurant: Syrian food is influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking traditions and is characterized by the use of herbs and spices such as cumin, coriander and sumac. Syrian restaurants often serve meze, bread and grilled meat dishes. Find near you: Syrian restaurant
    • Ethiopian restaurant: Ethiopian food is known for its use of spices and spicy sauces. A popular Ethiopian dish is wat, a spicy sauce served with injera, a type of pancake made from teff flour. Ethiopian restaurants often serve a selection of wats and other dishes served with injera. Find near you: Ethiopian restaurant

Cuisines from sweet to spicy

There are many cuisines around the world, each with their own unique flavors and characteristics. Some Asian cuisines serve sharp food, such as those from China and Thailand, are known for their pungent flavors. They often use chili peppers and other spicy seasonings to give dishes a sharp flavor. Spicy cuisines include African and South American cuisines. These are often spicy in flavor, using spices such as cayenne pepper, cilantro and paprika. Sweet cuisines can be found in the sweet flavors of French patisserie and American sweet tables are world famous. Oriental cuisines, such as those from Japan and China, also often use sweets in their dishes and desserts.

Social dining in the evening, on weekends and during a party

For a cozy evening dining out in the evening, on weekends or during a party, you can go to many restaurants. Here are some tips for finding a suitable restaurant:

  • Look for restaurants in pleasant neighborhoods or districts, as they often have a lively atmosphere.
  • See if the restaurant has live music or other entertainment, which can make the evening even more enjoyable.
  • Look for restaurants with an intimate atmosphere, such as a cozy seating area or candlelight.
  • Seek recommendations from friends, family or locals. They can give you tips for restaurants with a good atmosphere or special weekend menu.
  • Check the restaurant’s online reviews to see what other people thought of it.
  • Contact the restaurant to ask if they have special packages for groups or a special weekend menu.
  • Look for restaurants with a festive atmosphere, such as a DJ or live music.
  • Consider booking a private room for a more intimate setting with your party group.
  • Think about the atmosphere and type of restaurant that best suits the occasion. For example, do you want a formal dinner or just an informal party with appetizers and drinks?

Restaurants nearby

There are countless restaurants around the world, all with their own unique dishes and atmosphere. Restaurants can range from simple fast food joints to exclusive, three-star restaurants. Many restaurants serve specific types of food, such as Italian, Chinese, Mexican or vegetarian, while others serve a mix of different international dishes. Some restaurants also have special services, such as a seating area for smokers or a children’s menu. If you’re looking for a restaurant, you can check online reviews or ask friends and family for their recommendations. Check out the map below for restaurants near you. By clicking on a location, you can read reviews of that restaurant.


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