Fixing bike tire in 3 easy steps

Fixing a bicycle tire can be very daunting. Your father used to always do it in a pinch. But how did he do it again? We explain it to you in 3 easy steps. We recommend the use of a new inner tube because an inner tube doesn’t cost much and you can be sure that your tire won’t deflate again.

Applying a bicycle tire: what do you need?

  • A pair of tire levers;
  • A tub of water;
  • A special sticker with (solution) glue to stick over the hole;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Bicycle pump;

Step 1: Remove the inner tube from the outer tire

  1. In order to patch your tire, you must first remove the inner tube from the outer tire. To do this, turn your bike upside down.
  2. Make sure the handlebars are straight so your bike does not fall over. Place a tire lever between the tire and the rim. Then push the lever backwards and make sure that the tire comes over the rim. Clamp the back of the lever behind a spoke.
  3. after this, take another tire lever and insert tire lever 2 next to tire lever 1 under the tire and pull it about 10 cm along the rim.
  4. Thereafter, use tire lever 3 to push the outer tire over the rim until it lies completely over the rim.
  5. Loosen the valve so you can remove the tube from the tire.

Step 2: find hole and glue

  1. After removing the inner tube from the outer tire, you can locate the puncture with a tub of water. First pump up the inner tube by inserting the valve and hold the inner tube under water. If you see bubbles then you know where the leak is. Let the tube dry and remember where the hole is.
  2. Cut the special sticker to size. Leave the protective film in place as long as possible. The hole should be sanded with a sandpaper so that the solder glue adheres well. After sanding, place some solute glue on the spot of the hole. Let the solute dry for a few minutes.
  3. After this, press the sticker firmly onto the inner tube and let it dry for a while. Then peel off the protective film.
Tip: no tub or bucket of water at hand? Pump the tire hard and feel where the air comes out.

Once you are sure that there is not another hole in the inner tube, you can put the tire back on.

Step 3: Replace tire

  1. In order to replace the tube, you first need to put the valve back into the rim. Then put the inner tube around the rim and press it into the outer tire. Make sure the tube is not double in any place. It is possible to inflate the tube a little with a bicycle pump.
  2. After fitting the tire, pump the inner tube hard again.


Make bike tire

Having a bike tire fixed at the bike shop

Can’t manage to patch a tire on your bike or just don’t feel like it? Maybe you also don’t think it’s worth all the work and opt for convenience…. Then go to the bike shop. The bike shop will almost certainly put in a niejee inner tube. An inner tube doesn’t cost much and your outer tire will be off your wheel anyway.

What does it cost to repair a bicycle tire?

The cost of popping a bicycle tire can vary depending on the location, the bike store or bike shop doing the repair, and the size of the tire. On average, popping a bicycle tire will cost approximately between €20 and €35. However, it is advisable to contact a bicycle store in your area to verify the specific price.

Paste or replace a bicycle tire?

Replacing or patching a bicycle tire depends on the severity of the damage. If the tire has only a small puncture, then sticking it with a repair kit is a quick and easy solution. However, this is only suitable if the puncture is small and the tire is still in good condition otherwise.

However, if the tire is seriously damaged, such as a large hole or tear, or if the tire is aged or worn out, then it is recommended to replace the tire. This is because the tire is then no longer safe to ride on and is more likely to puncture or fall apart.

Keep in mind that regular tire maintenance, such as checking pressure and inspecting for damage, can help identify problems before they become serious and require tire replacement.

Preventing a flat bicycle tire

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a flat bicycle tire:

  1. Check the pressure in your tires regularly: Make sure the tires are at the right pressure. This can reduce the risk of punctures.
  2. Inspect your tires for frays or tears: Watch for any damage to the tires such as frays or tears and replace the tires if anything unusual is detected.
  3. Avoid sharp objects: Try to avoid sharp objects while driving, such as glass, nails, or sharp stones.
  4. Use the right tires: Make sure you use the right tires for the weather conditions you are driving in. For example, use winter tires in winter conditions.
  5. Prevent overloading: Make sure your bike is not overloaded. Avoid carrying too much luggage and make sure the tires are not overloaded.
  6. Balance your tires: Having your tires balanced can help prevent uneven wear, this can also prevent a flat.
  7. Regular maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on your bike, such as checking the tires, brakes and gears. This can help identify and fix problems before they cause a flat.

Bicycle repair shop near you

Would you like to get air back in your tires as soon as possible? Then go to a bike repair shop near you. The map below show some!


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