Removing weeds is how you do it

This article is about weed removal and control. There are several ways to get rid of weeds. We have collected the best tips for you. Read the points below and see what works best for your garden. We have a good solution for each size and type of garden. Perhaps a combination of solutions will work for you. At the end of this article you will read the best and fastest way to remove weeds.

Weed removal with vinegar

Pour cleaning vinegar, possibly with a splash of dish soap between the stones or tiles to remove weeds. Pure vinegar works best. If you find this too expensive, mix the vinegar 1 to 1 with water. Use a watering can to quickly finish large areas. Be careful never to pour vinegar before a rainstorm. It will quickly wash away in your flower beds and also mix with water, making it less effective. Flowers, like weeds, cannot stand vinegar and they will die.

Cleaning vinegar costs around 70 cents a gallon. Buy a jerry can to work faster and save costs. So with large areas, this can add up quickly. You can buy this for example at Action, Gamma, Welkoop or. Use cleaning vinegar for gardens of up to 50 square meters. Vinegar does stink for a while so don’t do this just before a party.

Vinegar does stink for a while so don’t do this just before a party.

Burn weeds

Burn away weeds between stones or tiles with a weed burner. This is suitable for small areas up to 20 square meters. Gas is quite pricey and you need to stand by a plant for a fairly long time before it burns. Also, you often don’t kill the roots so you can start all over again for a few weeks.

Weed removal with salt or road salt

Weeds can’t stand salt. You can choose to remove weeds with (road salt). Just be aware that your plants, shrubs and trees cannot stand salt either. So sprinkle very purposefully. Salt does take a while to melt and dissolve. You can speed this up by pouring (hot) water over the salt. Be aware that salt also eats into your tiles and the glaze of your tiles. You may get salt circles on your tiles because of this. Salt can also wash away and get into flowerbeds or bushes. These also die from it so again: be careful where you spread the salt. Spreading salt is suitable for large gardens with lots of tiles or stones, for a driveway, on gravel where it does not matter if salt circles appear.

H hoeing

In flower beds, it works well to remove weeds with a hoe. The weed plants are then uprooted and pulled out of place. Hoeing works best on a sunny day so the exposed roots get direct sunlight and dry out. You run the risk otherwise that the roots will grow back into the ground and the plant will live on.

Removing Weeds Between Gravel

Removing weeds between gravel is tricky since grasses are persistent and grass is often found in large numbers between pebbles. Grasses and other weeds should be removed by hand. If it is really a large area, you can also choose to mow your gravel first. Just with the lawn mower. The grass and other weeds are then short and should be quickly sprayed with vinegar with a dash of dish soap. Should you wish to use Roundup, this also works well. However, be very careful with Roundup.

If you have a lot of grass in your gravel then you can choose to mow it first with the lawn mower

Removing weeds with Roundup

Roundup also called Glyphosate, is an effective but controversial herbicide to eradicate weeds. Roundup makes weeds and grasses grow extremely fast, causing them to grow to death. Cell division occurs at a very high rate and so that the plant is dead within hours or days. You should dilute Roundup with water. Be sure to wear protective clothing when spraying Roundup with a weed sprayer. An agent with high cell counts is not convenient to come in contact with your body.

The best way to remove weeds

But what is the best way to get rid of your weeds? You do this in the following way:

  1. Buy a brush cutter (battery-powered). When using a brushcutter, always use safety glasses;
  2. Use the brushcutter by holding it at an angle and keep the wire long. You now cut all the weeds quickly;
  3. Sweep your stones or tiles or quickly blow them clean with a leaf blower (battery-powered);
  4. Then use vinegar to kill the roots. Be careful not to get too close to plants and shrubs with vinegar;
  5. Weeds are very persistent so repeat the above every month during the summer. Fortunately, using a brush cutter is fun and fast work.

Buying Garden Tools

Check out the map below on where to buy garden tools.


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