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Everyone loses about 50-120 hairs a day. This is normal and there is no need to worry about this. Because new hairs are constantly growing, you don’t see anything about losing about 100 hairs a day. You won’t have any hair loss or bald spots.

What causes hair loss?

Do you suddenly get a thinner head of hair or even bald patches? If so, there may be something going on.

For example, you may have a disease such as thyroid disease. Also, your weight may be too low. Furthermore, there is the possibility that you lose hair with certain medications over chemotherapy. You may also lose hair after a stressful event, surgery or childbirth. Further causes may be iron deficiency or hair pulling. It is recommended that you work with a doctor to find out the reason for your hair loss and what can be done about it.

Does creatine cause hair loss?

No, there is no evidence that creatine causes hair loss. There are some indications that high doses of creatine may lead to hair loss in some individuals, but more research is needed to confirm these findings. If you are concerned about hair loss, it is always best to consult a physician for professional advice.

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

There are several vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can cause hair loss, including:

  1. Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D plays an important role in hair growth and a deficiency can lead to hair loss.
  2. Iron deficiency: Iron is needed for the production of hemoglobin and a deficiency can lead to anemia, where the body cannot transport enough oxygen to the hair roots.
  3. Zinc deficiency: Zinc is necessary for the growth and development of hair, and a deficiency can cause hair loss.
  4. Vitamin B deficiency: Vitamin B complex plays an important role in hair growth and a deficiency of vitamin B12 or biotin can cause hair loss.

If you think you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency that is causing hair loss, it is always best to consult a doctor for professional advice.

Male baldness

As you age, it is normal if you go bald. Men go bald more often than women. Baldness occurs in many different families. There is nothing you can do about baldness with aging; diet, vitamin pills, shampoos and ointments against hair loss do not help. Do you suffer a lot from baldness? Then you can contact a doctor.

If you suffer from baldness, it is advisable to protect your scalp from the sun by applying sunscreen or wearing a cap.

Going bald is not a disease. It is part of aging. The older you get, the more likely you are to go bald. By age 70, 8 out of 10 men have some form of hair loss and 3 out of 10 women. Hair loss with aging is permanent and does not come back on its own.

The cause of baldness is a hypersensitivity to hormones. This is predisposed and hereditary.

What can you do as a man against baldness?

Many products can be found that claim to help with baldness, such as lotions, creams and shampoos containing caffeine, but their effectiveness has not been proven. Vitamin pills and a special diet have also not been proven to be effective against baldness.

If you suffer from bald spots, it is wise to protect your scalp from sunlight by wearing a cap or hat, for example. In addition, you can protect your bald scalp by rubbing it with sunscreen, which reduces the risk of skin cancer.

If baldness is caused by the use of anabolic steroids, it is advisable to stop using them. This may cause your hair to start growing again, but this is not always the case. It depends on how many hair follicles have already been affected by steroid use. Unfortunately, disappeared hair follicles cannot come back and hair growth will not take place here.

Medications for male pattern baldness

There are medications against male pattern baldness. Consult your doctor about this. Pay close attention to possible side effects of medications.

Women going bald

As with men, baldness in older women is normal. However, baldness in women is less common than in men. Special diets, vitamin pills, shampoos and creams do not help against hair loss. With thinner hair, it is important to properly protect your scalp from the sun.

Going bald is not a disease; it is normal with aging. In women, baldness often begins during or after menopause. When you go bald, it is permanent. Your hair does not suddenly come back.

Women go bald differently than men. Often hair at the front of the head just stays put but thins out at the back of the head.

What can you do as a woman to combat hair loss?

If you are dealing with thinning hair, protect your scalp from the sun by wearing a hat, cap or scarf, for example. This reduces the risk of skin cancer. There are numerous products on the market that claim to treat baldness, such as lotions, creams and shampoos containing caffeine, but their effectiveness has not been proven. Even adjusting your diet or taking vitamin pills has no effect.

Are you using anabolic steroids and going bald? Then stop this, your hair may regrow as a result, but this is not always the case. It depends on the number of hair follicles that have already disappeared due to the use of steroids, because hair follicles that have disappeared do not come back and so does hair growth there.

Medications against baldness in women

There are medications against baldness in women. Consult your doctor about this. Pay close attention to possible side effects of medications.

How to stop hair loss

There are several ways to stop or slow hair loss, however, no single method works for everyone. Below are some ways you can try:

  1. Nutrition: A healthy diet with adequate protein, vitamins (e.g., vitamins D and E) and minerals (e.g., iron and zinc) can help reduce hair loss.
  2. Stress management: Stress can cause hair loss, so it is important to try to reduce stress through such things as yoga, meditation or regular exercise.
  3. Medications: In some cases, hair loss can be caused by medications. In that case, consulting with your doctor may lead to finding a solution.
  4. Topical treatments: There are products available, such as shampoos, lotions and creams, that can help slow hair loss. However, the effectiveness of these is not always proven.
  5. Hair transplantation: This is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles from part of the head are moved to the bald areas. This is a permanent solution, but is expensive and invasive.

preventing hair loss

It is important to remember that hair loss is often irreversible, and it is not always possible to stop it. It is therefore important to consult a doctor for advice and treatment options.

Hair loss treatment locations

There are several locations where treatments for hair loss are available, including:

  1. Clinics for beauty treatments: This is where various cosmetic treatments such as hair transplants, scalp microneedling, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), etc. can be performed.
  2. Hospitals: Some hospitals offer hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil applications, hair tissue transplants, etc.
  3. Dermatology clinics: Dermatologists can diagnose and offer treatment options for hair loss, such as medication, nutritional supplements, etc.
  4. Private clinics: There are many private clinics that offer hair loss treatments, including hair tissue transplants, scalp microneedling, etc.

It is important to consult with a doctor before choosing any hair loss treatment to ensure that the treatment is safe and appropriate for you.

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